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Great Wall Tour - Jiumenkou

Jiumenkou Great Wall

-Trek to Jiumenkou Great Wall with our 7-day, 9-day and 12-day Great Wall trekking excursions

The restored section of Great Wall at Shanhaiguan, in Hebei Province is on a well-trodden tourist trail. Just a few kilometers from where the wall runs dramatically into the Bohai Sea and the beach resort of Beidaihe, it is a must-see for all visitors. But just a little way north east, across the border in Liaoning Province, is another, less well known section of wall, known as the Jiumenkou Great Wall. Restoration work has been done on this section, which was only recently rediscovered.

Located at Lijiaxiang Town , Suizhong County in Liaoning Province, this section of Great Wall consisted of sixteen watch towers and one beacon tower. With a total length of 1,700 meters, this section was originally built during the Northern Qi period (550-577) and further expanded under the supervision of General Xu Da during the Hongwu period (1328-1398) of the Ming Dynasty. This section of the wall was constructed with a mixture of bricks and stones. The fortification in this area was very strong with dozens of watchtowers, watering towers, battle platforms, and beacon towers. The southern end of the wall starts from lofty mountains, connecting to the section of the wall running from the Shanhaiguan Pass. It climbs along the mountain ridge till finally arriving at the banks of Jiujiang River. The wide river doesn't stop the wall's resolute pace forward. A huge wall bridge stretches over the river, forcing its way to the north.

A 110-meter-long bridge with nine five-meter-high sluice gates straddles the Jiujiang River. It was once used to regulate the flow of the river and hold off invading enemies. The name “Jiumenkou” means literally “Entrance to Nine Gates.” In the riverbed below the bridge have been placed rectangular stone slabs, covering an area of 7,000 square meters. Walled fortresses once stood at each end of the bridge. Constructed in 1626, the two fortresses are about one kilometer in circumference. The eight-meter surrounding wall consists of two layers: the inside made of brick and the outside of stone, an unusual combination.
From the bridge, after hiking westward for half an hour, the wall ends directly in front of a high cliff, a strategic wall formed by nature. If one wishes to avoid paying and to see the wild wall, one can climb up the trail which starts in the village at the eastern end of the bridge. On the top, you will find the Wall extending in three directions ¨east, northeast, and west. The northeast one terminates on the very next hill overlooking the Pass. The one going east (recommended for a pleasant 4-5 hour hike) first goes down a steep valley, traverses a riverbed which has water only in the summer, then heads in a straight line directly to the base of the mountain range visible on the horizon, with broken watchtowers every 50-100 metres. The one to west is connected with Jiumenkou.

The wall has weathered badly over the years, but its contours can still be clearly made out. The Jiukoushan area has towering mountains, steep and perilous cliffs and deep valleys. The walls spanned the mountainous terrains and hugged the area's numerous peaks and valleys. It is a classic example of the harmonious relationships of architecture and nature. In 1992, some repairs were carried out and the section was opened officially to tourism. In 2002, Jiumenkou Great Wall was listed as a World Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO, the only such listed site in northeast China.
Tips: The best time to visit Jiumenkou Great Wall is from May to Oct. It is extremely cold in the rest of the year. You can purchase special local products near the Great Wall. There are many delicious foods, such as at Old Lady Liu's Restaurant, The Wang's Restaurant of Simmering Bones in Soy Sauce. The local snacks are also very delicious, especially wheat products

We are organizing the transport to send you to this beautiful section of the Great Wall on daily basis. 

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