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Harbin Hotels

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Sheraton Harbin Hotel
Harbin Ice Hotel  

Photo: Romantic Hotel

Photo: Shangri-la Hotel Harbin

Harbin (Haerbin) Discount Hotels, Hostels

Harbin (nicknamed "Ice City"), is famous for its spectacular winter activities. The Ice Lantern Festival in Zhaolin Park (name after a famous General Li Zhaolin) usually starts in January 5th and lasts till February. Fanciful ice sculptures are crafted in the shapes of animals, plants, buildings or legendary figures. At night the sculptures are illuminated from inside with colorful lights, turning the river-side park into a fantasy-land.

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 Sinoway Hotel USD55
  Galaxy Hotel USD44
  Tian Zhi Hotel USD34
  Power Hotel USD36
  Fortune Swiss-Belhotel Harbin USD61
  Jin Gu Hotel USD47
  Shangri-la Hotel Harbin USD93
  Join Us Plaza USD42
  Songhuajiang Gloria Inn USD34
  Rong Fu Conifer Hotel USD42
  Kunlun Hotel, Harbin USD40
  Singapore Hotel USD70
  Heilongjiang Jing Wei Plaza USD22
  Huirong Mansion USD29
  Yunma Hotel,Harbin USD23
  Romantic Hotel USD30
  Longda Ruiji Business Hotel Harbin USD23
  Holiday Inn City Center Harbin USD49
  Haerbin Friendship Palace Hotel USD35
  Harbin Seagull Hotel USD25
  Long Gong Hotel USD28
  Harbin Flamingo Hotel USD33
  Harbin Green Hotel USD27
  Jiang Wan Club Hotel, Harbin USD26
  Zheng Ming Jin Jiang Hotel USD52
  Land Resource Plaza USD29
  Gloria Plaza Hotel USD57
  Zhucheng Hotel USD32
  Star Hotel Harbin USD26

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