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Guizhou Shengfeng Hotel

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Guiyang (Huangguoshu), Guizhou
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Guiyang City is located on the east slope of Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, which belongs to the transitional region from the east plain to the west plain with higher elevation, lower latitude and a variety of topography and landform, characterized by its humid and temperate climate in subtropical zone. Here the natural resources are rich and the energy resources are abundant, enjoying exceptional environment advantages. Guiyang is only two hours by bus to the famous Huangguoshu waterfalls.

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  Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel USD61
  Guizhou Mingdu Hotel USD51
  Guizhou Shengfeng Hotel USD58
  Regal Hotel Guizhou USD47
  Trade-Point Hotel Guizhou USD46
  Miracle Hotel Guiyang USD43
  Guizhou Guotai Hotel USD31
  Jin Pin Hotel GuiZhou USD26
  Baicheng Hotel Guiyang USD32
  Nenghui Hotel USD41
  Plaza Hotel Jinzhu USD36
  Gui Long Hotel Guiyang USD35
  Hualian Hotel Guizhou USD31
  Miracle Island Express Hotel Guiyang USD30
  Ruijin Hotel USD23
  Guizhou Park Hotel USD32
Guiyang Tongda Hotel USD18

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