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Guilin Hotels

Best Accommodation in Guilin

Photo: Guilin Bravo Hotel
USD 69

Photo: Hotel Universal Guilin
USD 31

Photo: The Junhao Hotel Yangshuo
USD 31

Photo: Yangshuo Regency Holiday Hotel
USD 28

Photo: Royal Garden Hotel Guilin
USD 53

Photo: Guilin Park Hotel
USD 39

Guilin, Lijiang, Yangshuo Discount Hotels, Hostels

Guilin, one of China's top attractive destinations, locates in the northeast corner of Guangxi Province, on the west bank of the beautiful Lijiang River. With more than 2,000 years of cultural history, Guilin has gained its international fame for its unique sceneries: green hills. rocky cliffs, clear water, numorous caves, stones of various shapes. According to a Chinese saying, Guilin's scenary is the First under Heaven.

Yangshuo is an ancient city, over 1,000 years old, built during the Jin Dynasty (265-420). It is famous for its spectacular scenery of hills and rivers. The Lijiang and Tianjia rivers run by the town. Famous scenic spots in Yangshuo, in addition to Bilian Feng, include Jianshan Mountain, Shutong Hill, Yangshuo Park, and Chuanyan Cave. A commercial street in the town is also a favorite among tourists. Native produce is abundant due to the fertile land and includes fruits such as oranges, tangerines, pomelos, chestnuts, and kumquats.

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Today's hot deals and more . . .Hotel prices change every day. Today's hotel prices can be lower than the numbers you see here. Please submit a form to ask for special details. We'll contact the hotels to find the best price for you within 12 hours.

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  Daewoo Sheraton Hotel Guilin USD61
  Plaza Hotel Guilin USD36
  Ronghu Hotel USD29
  Yangshuo Regency Holiday Hotel USD28
  New Kaiyue Hotel USD20
  Guilin Bravo Hotel USD69
  Osmanthus Hotel Guilin USD28
  Guilin new century hotel USD24
  Hotel Universal Guilin USD31
  Guilin Merryland Resort Hotel USD49
  Sunshine Spa Hotel USD16
  Guilin Guishan Jasper Hotel USD35
  Tailian Hotel USD23
  Jing Xiu Hotel Guilin USD25
  Gulin Park Hotel USD39
  Guilin Lijiang Waterfall Hotel USD67
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