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Photo: Golden Hotel Dali
USD 13

Photo: Xianghe Hotel
USD 36

Photo: Lan LinGe Hotel
USD 28-39

Dali, Yunnan Discount Hotels, Hostels

Located between Cangshan Mountain and Erhai Lake, Dali is a legendary backpackers paradise famous for its cafes and guesthouses where the China traveler can relax with a cold beer, great tunes, and cheap lodging. Aside from being a backpacker paradise, the city has a long history dating back some 1000 years, during which it was the capital of Nanzhao Kingdom during the Tang Dynasty. The area is famous for its natural beauty and the ethnic culture of the Bai people.

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 Asia Star Hotel Dali USD61
  Xianghe Hotel USD36
  Golden Hotel Dali USD13
  Lan Lin Ge Hotel USD28
  Dali Santayuan Hotel USD24
  Dali Huairen Hotel USD22
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