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Chongqing Hotels
 HOT Chongqing HOTELS
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Chongqing Marriot Hotel

Chongqing Carlton Hotel

Southwest Hotel Chongqing

Chongqing Xinhua Hotel

Square International Grand Hotel Chongqing

88Park Hotel

Chongqing Discount Hotels, hostels

Lying in hilly country, at the Jaling and upper Yangtze Rivers confluence. the commercial and industrial hub of China's southwestern Sichuan Province is now known as Chongqing (once called Chungking as in "Chungking Express"). A subtropical climate makes for muggy summers and mild winters here, but throughout the year, tourists come for river cruises along the famous Three Gorges.

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Hotel prices change every day. Today's hotel prices can be lower than the numbers you see here. Please submit a form to ask for special details. We'll contact the hotels to find the best price for you within 12 hours.

  Harbour Plaza, Chongqing USD67
  Golden Resources Hotel Chongqing USD61
  Chongqing Carlton Hotel USD56
  Chongqing Hotel USD25
  Chongqing Wanyou Conifer Hotel USD40
  East Garden Hotel USD40
  Huangjia Grand Hotel USD28
  Kinglead Hotel USD36
  Chongqing Mega Hotel USD23
  Chongqing Xiya Hotel USD37
  Square International Grand Hotel Chongqing USD26
  Wudu Hotel USD34
  Garden Hotel Chongqing USD43
  Milky Way Hotel Chongqing USD34
  Fortune Hotel USD35
  Fu Li Hotel USD32
  Chongqing Xinhua Hotel USD26
  Southwest Hotel Chongqing USD17
  Chongqing Grand Hotel USD24
  Cygnet Plaza Chongqing USD25
  88Park Hotel USD41
  Yangtze Island Hotel USD39
  Mingyuan Hotel USD20
  Chongqing Taodu City Hotel USD26
  Chongqing White Cloud Hotel USD19
  Chongqing Peace Hotel USD29
  Yu Du Hotel Chongqing USD34
  Xinhua Hotel Chongqing USD41
  Chongqing Nanyuan Hotel USD21
  Zhongtian Hotel USD33
  Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport Hotel USD23

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