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Guilin One-day Bus Tour

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Guilin One-day Bus Tour to Longsheng

Longshen Dragon Back Rice Terrace & Minority Village One- Day Bus Tour

On this Guilin day tour you will be getting a truly authentic Chinese experience, something you can’t say about a lot of places in China. After being picked up from your hotel you’ll get to view the Longsheng Rice Terraces, China’s most breathtaking rice terrace, and one of the world’s most spectacular achievements. Afterwards we’ll visit the Pingan Village, and authentic minority village predominantly inhabited by the Zhuang minority group. Tucked away in the rice terrace the village has a magical feel to it. For lunch, you’ll dine at a local farmer’s restaurant, getting a taste of the regional culinary delights.


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Step 1 Your guide and driver will pick you up from your hotel by 7:30am, and we will begin the drive to the Longsheng County in order to see that Longsheng Rice Terraces (2 hr of driving).

Step 2

The Longsheng Terraced fields (also known as the Devil’s Backbone), were first built in the Yuan dynasty (1279-1368 AD) and completed in the Qing dynasty (1644-1911 AD) by the Zhuang people. The terraced fields are built along the slope winding from the riverside up to the mountaintop, with the highest place of an elevation of 885m and the lowest 380m. Longsheng town is situated in a densely forested area of over 2400 square kilometers and has a population of only 160,000 people, with many of them from the Miao, Dong, and Zhuang ethnic minorities. It is surrounded by mountains in four sides and lies 100 kilometers north of Guilin, as well as in the joint area of Heping River and Sang River. Built on the mountain slopes, the town boasts rows of tall buildings separated by banyan trees. (2 hr of sightseeing).

Step 3

Following the rice terraces we’ll drive to the Ping’an Minority Village (平安寨). First built during the end of the Ming Dynasty and the beginning of the Qing Dynasty, Ping'an has long been the key stockaded village for sightseeing in the Longji scenic area. This spot has become a highlight among tourists wishing to experience the culture and folk customs of the Zhuang ethnic group. The adorable village is stacked up in layers up the hillside and in the canyons. The whole village is not too big - maybe a few hundred people. Stone paths and staircases twist in and out of buildings. The Zhuang people still live an ancient and simple life. Just being here you will get a real sense for the pace of village life. You can just hang around the village, watching the villagers in their daily tasks - washing vegetables, tending animals, carving wood, building houses, or blowtorching shanks of meat. Kids play up and down the paths, or in the basketball court. Ducks, chickens, dogs, cats, and even horses wander around and are friendly as well. (1 hr)

Step 4

For lunch we will have lunch at a local farmer’s restaurant. For lunch you will get to sample the local cuisine of the region, which is known for its spices and flavor. (1 hr)

Step 5 After lunch we will drive back to Guilin, and you will be at your hotel by 4:00pm, allowing you to have dinner as well as a free evening for your self. If you want to extend your time in Guilin then go to our Chine City tours and China Package tours pages for more information.
Note Times listed above may vary due to factors outside the control of the Tour Guide and Driver (Example- traffic or weather conditions)


1. Professional English-speaking local guide & driver;
2. Air-conditioned van for transportation;
3. Personal pickup and drop-off at your hotel;
4. General admissions;
5. Gourmet lunch.



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