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Shenzhen 3 days 2 nights Tour

About Shenzhen Local Tour

Located in the middle of the southern coast of Guangdong Province, Shenzhen neighbors Daya Bay in the east, the mouth of the Zhujiang (Pearl) River in the west, and Hong Kong in the south. Shenzhen covers an area of 780 square miles and has a population of 3 million. It is one of China's major port cities opening to the outside world and one of the earliest special economic zones implementing the reform and open-door policies. It is also a newly rising tourist city with the most up to date tourist facilities for visitors from abroad.

Shenzhen is a major trading port that faces Daya Bay to the east and Pearl River to the west and is adjacent to Hong Kong to the south. Shenzhen is the earliest special economic zone to be opened in China to foreign investors. With a complete line of facilities, it is also a rising tourist city, where visa formalities have been simplified to facilitate the entry of foreign visitors. A variety of high-tech exhibitions take place in the city on an annual basis. Major attractions: "Splendid China", a miniature scenery park that epitomizes the charms of the Chinese landscape and cultural scene, enabling the visitor to finish a tour of the country and see the 5,000-year China Folk Culture Village, where folklore activities are held in 20-odd life-size replicas of villages of different ethic backgrounds; Window of the World is a park in which visitors can get a glimpse of the world's wondrous buildings, cultural ruins, natural scenes and folkways, and be entertained by folk singers and dancers from various countries; Wildlife Zoo, where there are nearly 3,000 animals in 150 species from all the continents of the world; Xiangmihu Summer Resort is a large tourist and recreational center where tropical garden scenes mingle imperceptibly with ethnic buildings. 


* Check out some of China�s best amusement and theme parks with trips to �Splendid China� (regarded as the best amusement park in China) and �Window of the World�
* Learn about China�s exciting and diverse ethnic background with a visit to the China Cultural Village, which recreates painstakingly in detail the lives of China�s 56 ethnic minority groups
* Pick-up and drop-off from the airport is included in the price of this tour

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Day Activities Hotel
DAY 01 Arrive in Shenzhen

You will fly to Shenzhen, and upon arrival you will be picked up by your English-speaking guide. Located in southern China, just across the border from Hong Kong, Shenzhen was the first of China�s cities to experiment with free market economics, so you will see Chinese capitalism at its finest. Close to Hong Kong, Shenzhen is a shopper�s paradise, as many goods and electronics here are much cheaper than what you will find over the border.
After you arrive we�ll get started with a trip to Shenzhen�s �Splendid China� park. Splendid China" is a miniature scenery park, which has taken in all the famous historic sites and scenic spots of China. "Splendid China" is the largest of its kind in the world.

Within the park, more than 80 miniature sites are arranged according to the positions of the real ones in the map of China. "Splendid China" focuses on all kinds of styles of buildings, living habits and conventions of different nationalities in China. It is a window on China for the foreigners to know about Chinese history, culture and tourism. Being well afforested, "Splendid China" is a world of trees and flowers. Within the park, natural and artificial scenery are woven into an enchanting picture.

You will then be taken to your hotel, where you can spend the rest of the evening at your own leisure.
3 or 4 star for common; 5 star for deluxe

DAY 02

After breakfast in the hotel we�ll take a trip to one of China�s best amusement parks in �Window of the World�. Located along the beautiful Shenzhen Bay, covering an area of 480,000 sqm. 118 exquisite, magnificent, world-famous scenic spots and folk songs and dances shows dot along the entire park. Various areas inside include the World Square, the Area of Asia, the Area of Oceanic, the Area of Europe, the Area of Africa, the Area of America, the World Sculpture Park, and Jurassic Park. During the day, a cast of hundreds of artists from home and abroad join together on the same stage to present a spectacular show and fantastic float parade.

After our visit we�ll next make our way to the Chinese Folk Culture Villages. This park lovingly recreates the lives and cultures of China�s 56 ethnic minority groups, and each group is represented by their own pavilion in the park, featuring displays of daily life and architecture. Every inch of China is covered, from the Tibetans to the Mongolians.

Following our time at the China Folk Culture Village, the rest of the night can be spent at your own discretion. You might want to take advantage of Shenzhen�s fabulous shopping, as there are bargains a plenty here. All round you there will be markets, malls, and other places where you can get some great finds.
3 or 4 star for common; 5 star for deluxe

DAY 03

Following breakfast you will be taken to the Shenzhen airport, where you will then fly on to your next destination. A trip to Shenzhen cane easily be combined to Hong Kong, as there are a multitude of buses and shuttles that make the trip over the border. To find out how you can arrange your own tour of the �Oriental pearl�, head to our Hong Kong information page.



If you fly from Hong Kong, fly from Shenzhen

It is still considered as "international flight" for any flight from Hong Kong to other cities in China. Therefore, the fare is much higher than a pure domestic flight from Shenzhen City to other places in China. We strongly advise you to take the advantage of domestic flight from Shenzhen instead of Hong Kong.

Shenzhen is just across the "border" from Hong Kong. At Hong Kong Airport and several locations in the city, you can take a shuttle or a train to Shenzhen from Hong Kong for less than $10.

It is our recommendation that you should fly out of Shenzhen to Shanghai, Beijing or other cities. There are also a lot of more flights at Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport.

We do not issue tickets for flights departing from Hong Kong as we don't have a ticket delivery in Hong Kong. However, we can book your ticket for the flights arriving in Hong Kong.


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