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To reserve hotels in all Chinese cities by yourself, please continue!
Thank you for your patience as sometimes the database system is a little bit slow to conduct search.

If you've already found a great hotel and you want to make a FAST reservation, please submit the form below now.
If  you need us to assist you finding a good hotel, please also submit the form.
  Suzhou Hotel Fast Reservation Form for Guest Who's Already Had A Hotel in Mind
Online Reservation Form 

Please enter the reservation information for the hotel you are looking at. Fields with a '*' must be filled in. If you order hotels in Beijing, please go to this page to check hotel details and submit order online.
    *If you need to book two different types of rooms, please provide another pair of guest name and email address
in the "special request" box on the bottom. Thank you!

See complete list of Suzhou Hotels
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Choose your hotel:
1   Xucheng Hotel Suzhou USD62
2   Suzhou Wealth Center Hotel USD39
3   Overseas Chinese Hotel USD35
4   Le Xiang Hotel Suzhou USD61
5   Zhongshan Hotel Suzhou USD24
6   Nanlin Hotel USD59
7   Hoston Grand Hotel USD52
8   Haoson Hotel USD28
9   Bamboo Grove Hotel USD64
10   Gloria Plaza Suzhou USD74
11   Aster Hotel Suzhou USD61
12   Suzhou Garden View Hotel USD67
13   Li Du Jasper Hotel USD61
14   Olympic Spring Hotel USD30
15   Youngor Central Hotel USD55
16   Sheraton Suzhou USD119
17   New Century Hotel Suzhou USD36
18   Suzhou Delight Mansion Hotel USD39
19   Motel Inn - Pingqi Road Inn USD22
20   Dynasty Holiday Inn Suzhou USD28
21   Suzhou New City Garden Hotel USD83
22   Nanya Hotel USD47
23   Home Inns - Mudu Inn USD23
24   Scholars Inn USD24
25   Scholars Inn-Panmen Inn USD24
26   Gold Bridge Hotel Suzhou USD28
27   Convention Center Hotel Suzhou USD36
28   Dong Fang Yu Gang Hotel USD43
29   Foma Hotel USD34
30   Suzhou Hotel USD58
31   Suzhou Hengdeli Hotel USD19
32   Changmen Hotel USD26
33   New Suzhou International Hotel USD91
34   Suzhou Plaza Hotel USD41
35   Chateau Regency USD64
36   Suzhou Gentleman Hotel USD35
37   Taoyuan Holiday Hotel USD34
38   Suzhou Firendship Hotel USD34
39   Suzhou Dongshan Hotel USD48
40   New King Lion Mansion Hotel USD35
41   Suzhou Royal Garden Hotel USD34
42   Fuhui Hotel USD34
43   Suzhou Baodao Garden Hotel USD63
44   Lake Side Hotel USD59
45   Suzhou Taihulake Mandarin Hotel USD35
46   Shanshui Resort USD33
47   Jincheng Jin Jiang International Hotel USD41
48   Da Hong Yun Hoston Hotel Express USD26
49   Suzhou Wuzhou Hotel USD35
50   The Garden Hotel USD34
51   Historic City Garden Hotel USD30
52   Home Inns Suzhou- Shilu Inn USD25
53   Renaissance Suzhou Hotel USD109
54   Guwu Hotel Suzhou USD20
55   Cang Lang Yuan Hotel USD27
56   Oriental Home Hotel USD29
57   Suzhou International Youth Exchange Center Hotel USD28
58   Home Inns Suzhou- Sanxiang Road USD25
59   Jingyuan Hotel USD19
60   Home Inns Suzhou-Guanqian Street USD25
Room Type *
Number of Adults *
Room Price Range US$ to US$ (Price in high season may be increased. Please tell your maximum budget for this hotel. If price differs significantly, we'll notify you before we book. Thank you!)
Check-in Date * / /   (mm/dd/yyyy)
Check-out Date * / /   (mm/dd/yyyy)
Check-in Time * e.g. 16:30 
Number of Rooms *
How did you find us?
Special Request
and Note
If you need special assistance, e.g., disability. 

We'll confirm your reservation within 24 hours.

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