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 Kunming Hotel Fast Reservation Form for Guest Who's Already Had A Hotel in Mind
Online Reservation Form 

See complete list of Kunming Hotels
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1  Horizon Hotel USD49
2   Bangke Hotel USD70
3   Kaiwah Plaza International Hotel USD67
4   Harbour Plaza Kunming USD73
5   Green Lake Hotel Kunming USD83
6   Green Land Hotel Kunming USD58
7   New Era Hotel USD45
8   Telecom International Hotel USD44
9   Weilong Hotel Kunming USD40
10   Sakura Hotel Kunming USD44
11   Xiqiao Hotel USD45
12   New Nanjiang Hotel USD44
13   Golden Dragon Hotel Kunming USD44
14   Tal Long Hong Rui Hotel USD22
15   Dianchi Garden Hotel SPA USD45
16   Yunnan Jinhua International Hotel (Kunming) USD40
17  Guandu Hotel USD26
18   Zhongyu Hotel USD45
19   Jintai Hotel Kunming USD28
20   Bestway Hotel Kunming USD32
21   Golden Spring Hotel Kunming
  (free airport pickup)
22   Spring City Inn-Yunnan Machinery Hotel USD13
23   Palace Hotel Kunming USD35
24   Baoshan Hotel USD27
25   Mingdu Hotel USD19
26   Jinfeng Hotel Kunming USD18
27   Camellia Hotel USD15
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We'll confirm your reservation within 24 hours.

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