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Climb the Great Wall for Charity

He who has not climbed the
Great Wall is not a true man.

--Chairman Mao



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 The Great Wall Of China Expedition
 -- Charity Trek on the Great Wall

Why the Great Wall?


Built over two millennia and stretching over 8,800 (5,500 miles) km, the Great Wall of China is perhaps the greatest technological achievement in human civilization. The feeling of sheer thrill and excitement when discovering this wonder of the world will stay with you for the rest of your life.


We offer trips and routes along the Great Wall that is exhilarating and challenging, as well as diverse. We offer access to those portions of the wall that are in their natural state, not part of the touristy Disney World wall such as at Badaling.


We employ an adventuring style of hiking that is enjoyable, educational, and safe. While having the trek of a lifetime, they’ll also learn the history and strategic importance of the wall by the routes we will take. Our routes will take participants to unexplored sections of the wall over rolling hills and through vast undergrowth. Trekkers will venture to parts of the wall that very few westerners and even Chinese have ever seen. Along the way we’ll pass through small villages and communities, giving students a key insight into rural life, a life that has continued largely uninterrupted for hundreds of years.

An expedition along the Great Wall is surprisingly cheap, as lodging on and near the wall is awfully inexpensive. In addition, Beijing is the major arrival city for most airlines, making for fairly inexpensive airfare. Unless you are going to Shanghai or somewhere in the south, you will land first in Beijing. There are no transfer costs, allowing participants and organizers to save. Beijing is also a marvelous tourist city, as there is so much to see and do before or after the hike. Trekkers can take a tour of the Forbidden City or Summer Palace, take in a performance of Peking Opera or Chinese acrobatics, or savor the delicacies of Peking Duck. If you are then moving on to another location in China after your Great Wall trek, Beijing is an ideal place to start your trip, as it is linked directly to almost every other destination in the country.


Please check our various itineraries for Great Wall charity trek and details.


"I have had an absolutely amazing time with you guys. You have been incredible. The trek absolutely amazing and I have enjoyed my leg to keep up with you two running around the Great Wall. You are both so knowledgeable which has been great for me learning about China and Chinese culture, and of course you both have fabulous English! The only suggestion I would make in that there should have been more trekking! But that’s just me because I always have energy for running. Thank you so much for some amazing memories! "

-- Stefan, UK Great Wall Charity Trek Participant, Summer 2010


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