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Hotel Guideline of 100th Canton Fair 2007, Guangzhou, China

Chinese Export Commodities Fair (CECF), or "Canton Fair" for short, was inaugurated in spring, 1957. Held biannually in Guangzhou every autumn and spring since then, the CECF is co-hosted by Ministry of Commerce of P. R. China and People's Government of Guangdong Province. The Fair, a comprehensive trade fair of international importance, has won its renown of "China??s No.1 Fair" for its longest history, the highest level, the largest scale, the most complete in exhibit variety, the broadest distribution of overseas buyers and the greatest business turnover in China.


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Hotel Rates Guiding Policy By Guangzhou Government During the100th Session of Chinese Export Commodities Fair

June 29, 2007

Dear Buyers:

According to the Price Control Administration of Guangzhou Municipality, the government has adopted guiding price policy on hotel rates during the period of the 100th Canton Fair.

Guiding prices of the standard double room are as that of the 99th Canton Fair:
5 stars hotel (guest house): 1730RMB (service charge not included)
4 stars hotel (guest house): 1331RMB (service charge not included)
3 stars hotel (guest house): 790RMB (service charge not included)
2 stars hotel (guest house): 439RMB (service charge not included)

These are ceiling prices and could not be exceeded, and there is no lower limit.

The hotel rates for deluxe double room could be lifted less than 10% on the basis of the government guiding price for the standard double room. The pricing of other types of hotel rooms could be decided by the enterprises themselves according to the supply and demand of the market.

For those hotels (guest houses) which have no star ratings, the price of the standard double room could be set according to the guiding price of 2 stars hotel (guest house) by the Government. Exception requires a special permit from the authority.

The prices of the standard double room & deluxe double room supplied by any agencies in the duration of the Canton Fair are not allowed to exceed the government guiding prices.

Any disguise actions to raise the prices of standard double room & deluxe double room are not allowed.

If you find any actions disobeying to the price policy, please contact the Price Control Administration of Guangzhou Municipality at +862012358 to complain.

Welcome to the 100th session of Chinese Export Commodities Fair!

Chinese Export Commodities Fair

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