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Great Wall Renovation

Do you want to repair the Lakeside Great Wall?

Hike the Great Wall and Repair the Remnant Huanghuacheng, the Lakeside Great Wall!

" If you haven't climbed the Great Wall, you are not a true hero." Many of your friends who visited China before might have told you this. It is indeed a lifetime experience. Who would leave the country without seeing the only construction that the American astronauts could recognize with their naked eyes, on their first flight to the moon? But are there anything else people better know about the Great Wall?

Exposed to piercing winds and the scorching sun for centuries, the wall is in urgent need of repair. Now, you can be a part of the renovation!

Lakeside Great Wall Wall Repairing Trip

Most people tend to think that the Great Wall was a product of wars (actually of defense), thus its role ought to have been most closely related to battles and blood shedding. It is, however, not that case. Most time under the Great Wall was actually peace rather than war.

As the witness of Chinese history, the Great Wall was built, rebuilt, torn down and renovated for military purpose by more than 20 dynasties and states during the past 2000 years. It reflects both China's home situations and its touches with the outer world. It was so big a project that building it influenced the domestic economy.

As a cultural product, the Great Wall mixed minds in war and architecture. It formed a defense tradition that was handed down to people more than 2,000 years after.

a tradition, it was embodiment of how the Chinese dealt with other peoples, including its enemies. Therefore the Great Wall, in all times, was connected to the culture, foreign policies, and economy. Philosophically, the Great Wall speaks well for a growth in the mixed soil of peace and war. It stands for some power, an unbeatable power despite all bitter conditions, known as the Great Wall Spirit among Chinese people.

Today the Great Wall is considered among the "World's 100 Most Endangered Sites" after years of exposure to conflict, the elements and even tourism. Visitors to the Wall have left litter and graffiti, scrawling initials into the rock or removing pieces for souvenirs. Some of the Wall has crumbled, either demolished for new roads or hauled away as building materials for village structures. There are few restored sections, usually where tourists visit most. Hundreds of miles lie in ruins.

Now our trip enables you to actually ‘lend a hand’ repairing the Remnant Huanghuacheng Great Wall. When there's a place being repaired, there will be you to help carry the bricks from the bottom to the top of the Wall. Once at the top, you will assist the expert to place your bricks in the Wall. 


One-day tour in Remnant Huanghuacheng Great Wall

7:30--9:30 From urban Beijing to Huanghuacheng

9:30--12:30 Hiking three hours on the Great Wall at Huanghuacheng

12:50--13:50 lunch at the local family

13:50--15:30 Repair the Great Wall

15:30--17:50 Back to the city



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