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China Package Tours
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*Beijing-Shanghai 8 Days
*Beijing-Shanghai 14 Days
*Shanghai-Beijing 14 Days
*Beijing-Hong Kong 13 Days
*Beijing-Hong Kong 21 Days


1. Shanghai-Beijing Impression

2. Shanghai-Nanjing Impression

3. Shanghai-Nanjing-Beijing Impression

4. Shanghai-Suzhou-Beijing Impression

5. Beijing-Xian-Shanghai Impression

6. Shanghai-Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) Impression

7.Shanghai-Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) and Hongcun Village Impression

8. Shanghai/Beijing-Guilin Impression

9. Shanghai/Beijing-Jiuzhaogou-Zhangjiajie (Avatar Hallelujah Mountain)-Expo

10. Shanghai/Beijingi-Lhasa Tibet Impression (Tibet Tour 1)

11. Beijing-Xian-Lhasa-Shigatse-Shanghai Impression (Tibet Tour 2)

12. Shanghai/Beijing-Yangtze River Cruise and Three Gorges Impression

13. Shanghai/Beijing-Yangtze River Cruise and Three Gorges-Beijing Impression

14. 20Day China Tour Impression

15. 16Day China Tour Impression

16. 10Day China Tour Impression

China Package Travel and Vacation Tours
Discover the Real China with our award-winning private guided tours!

Your tour guides speak excellent English, Spanish, German,
French, and Russian, etc.


"We just want to let you know how delighted we were with our tour. Our tour guide Summer was excellent! She was extremely knowledgeable about Chinese history and culture, spoke excellent English, and was very attentive to our questions and needs, including holding on to us on the icy slopes of the Great Wall. Her bubbly personality helped make our day on the tour one we will never forget. Thank you!"  --- Jeff and Rose Hetrick, USA (Click to see more testimonials...)

Due to China’s rising importance in the economic and cultural sphere (widely announced by the 2008 Olympics), the 21st Century is quickly becoming known as the “Chinese century”. Get a head start and find out why China is the place to be with our China Package travel and Vacation tours! These tours allow you to see a host of different attractions, from the classic and well-known places of Beijing and Shanghai to the more distant and exotic Tibet and southwestern ethnic discovery tours. Because of our close contacts with Chinese travel and hotel agencies, we are able to offer rates that are much better than what any western travel company can offer. If you wish to create and customize your own China travel tour, then scroll down to the bottom of the page to get started in creating your own memorable journey.

In addition to the great locations, you also get the Great Wall Adventure Club standard of service. With the China package tour, we will take care of all the tedious and grunt work, while you can worry about having the most fun and enjoyment possible during your stay in China. We will take care of your China domestic airplane and train tickets, along with your accommodation. Of course we will do everything according to your travel wishes and wants, and we aim to please. Our professional travel consultants have years of experience, and can provide you with the tour that suits your requirements, be it a deluxe group vacation or a tailor-made private tour on a budget. Great Wall Adventure Club has received recognition from all over the world, and during the Olympics we even provided numerous tours to the international Olympic teams and their friends and families. Also, on each stop of your tour, you will have a local English-speaking guide with you, so you will have in-depth knowledge and expertise at the sites on-hand. If you request, we also have Spanish, German, Italian, and Russian-speaking tour guides as well. Read on to find out about the different types of China travel and vacation tours that we offer.

Explore the real China with one of the preeminent China travel specialists. We were the official travel guides for numerous Olympic teams, such as U.S. Softball, British Rowing, Canadian Track and Field, Australia Swimming and Diving, as well as the NBC-Beijing Television crew. 

 Click here to see the testimonials from our Club members who were from USA, UK, Canada, Singapore, Australia, Germany, etc.

Now with a new line of high-speed bullet train, you can travel to Xian (Terracotta Warriors) within five hours! Tour Great Wall of China, Forbidden City of Beijing, and Terra Cotta Warriors of Xian possibly for as short as three days with a visa waiver!


Our “Classic China City” vacation tour packages cater to travelers who want to see the best China has to offer during their time here. These are the places and sites that are the most world renowned and famous. These tours include the city of Beijing, which has the Forbidden City and many sections of the Great Wall, Xian, with its Terracotta Warriors, Shanghai, China’s western metropolis and World Expo city, Guilin and Yangshuo, which cover the extremely popular and beautiful Li River cruise, Suzhou, known as the “Chinese Venice”, Hangzhou, which contains the idyllic West Lake, and the lush tropical city of Kunming, in southwestern China.

P-BSB Beijing-Shanghai-Beijing 6 days and 5 nights tours  6 days 5 nights tour
P-BXB Beijing-Xi'an-Beijing  8 days and 7 nights tours 8 days 7 nights tour
P-BXS Beijing-Xi'an-Shanghai 9 days 8 nights tours 9 days 8 nights tour
P-BXGS Beijing-Xi'an-Guiling-Yangshuo-Shanghai 11 days 10 nights tour
P-BXGSHS Beijing-Xi'an-Guiling-Yangshuo--Shanghai-Suzhou-Hangzhou-Shanghai 13 days 12 nights tour  
P-BXKDLS Beijing-Xi'an-Kunming-Dali-Lijiang-Shanghai 15 days 14 nights

Shanghai-Suzhou-Beijing-Xian-Guilin-Chengdu-Yangtze River 20 days 19 nights


“Mysterious Tibet” vacation tour packages are for those who want to explore Tibet, the “rooftop of the world”. These tours will take you t the hallowed Buddhist temples and shrines, while also including the breathtaking and sweeping scenery of the vast peaks, mountains and valleys of this beautiful and intriguing land. In addition to Tibet you can also go to some of the other popular destinations, like Shanghai, Beijing, Xi’an, and Chengdu.

P-BXLGS Beijing-Xi'an-Lhasa-Guilin-Yangshuo- Shanghai 13 days 12 nights Luxury tour 
P-CLXSH Beijing-Chengdu-Lhasa-Xi’an-Shanghai- Suzhou- Hangzhou 16 days 15 nights luxury tour
P-CLGS Beijing-Chengdu-Lhasa-Gyantse-Shigatse-Guilin-Yangshuo-Shanghai
19 days 18 nights Luxury tour
P-BXLKCYS Beijing-Xian-Lhasa-Tsetang-Lhasa-Shangri-La-Lijiang-Kunming-
Chongqing-Yangtze River- Yichang–Shangha
i 21 days 20 nights tour


The “Personalized Yangtze River Cruise” vacation tour packages offer a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to sail down the Yangtze River, China’s most important river and the third longest river in the world. In addition to the splendid cruise shop and the entertainment aboard, you will also have off-boat excursions to temples, villages and ghost cities along the way, with the climax coming at the end with a visit to the gargantuan Three Gorges Dam. Some of these tours also include stops in Beijing, Xi’an, and even Lhasa, the capital of the Tibet region.

P-CYC Chongqing-Yichang down-stream 4 days tour 
P-YCC Yichang- Chongqing up-stream 5 days tour
P-BCCS Beijing-Chongqing-Yangtze River cruise-Yichang-Shanghai 9 days 8 nights luxury tour 
P-BXCCS Beijing-Xi’an-Chongqing-Yangtze River Cruise-Yichang-Shanghai 11 days 10 nights luxury tour 
P-BXGCCS Beijing-Xi’an-Guilin-Chongqing-Yangtze River Cruise-Yichang-Shanghai 13 days 12 nights luxury tour 
P-BXLCCSGH Beijing-Xi’an-Lhasa-Chongqing-Yangtze River Cruise-Yichang-Shanghai- Guilin-Yangshuo-Guilin-Hongkong 20 days 19 nights luxury tour 


A developing trend in recent years has the been the popularity of trips and expeditions to better understand China’s vast cultural diversity, and we are proud to offer our “China Cultural Heritage” vacation tour packages in order for you to understand why China is such a fascinating place. These tours include trips to China’s southwest frontier, and there you will go to villages and centers of China’s ethnic minority groups, while also seeing breathtaking and exotic landscape and scenery. These tours take you off the beaten track in order to show you a China that is largely unknown to the wider world. Going there will be like going on a trip back in time, because life there goes on as it has been for hundreds of years. These are the types of trips one usually only sees in the pages of National Geographic and other travel magazines. Another fantastic trip offered is to coastal Fujian province to see the Hakka Earthen Buildings, an architectural marvel, and one of the most interesting and fascinating experiences you will ever have.

P-BGL Beijing-Guilin-Longsheng-Yangshuo Package Tour
P-BEL Beijing-Ethnic Minority-Li River Package Tour
P-BJZS Beijing-Jiuzhaigou-Zhangjiajie (Avatar Hallelujah Mountain)-Shanghai Package Tour  
P-BJPS Beijing-Jiuzhaigou-Panda Breeding Center-Shanghai Package Tour
P-BX Beijing-Xiamen-Hakken Earthen Buildings Exploration Tour

Our China tour packages were on Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal Shanghai Expo2010 was the year of the Shanghai World Expo, and Great Wall Adventure Club was dedicated to being the worlds #1 Expo tour agency. With our “Shanghai World Expo Travel and Package Tour” we had given our clients the beset World Expo experience possible while showing them more of the China that has brought so much acclaim and fascination to this country. Our Shanghai World Expo Tours came recommended by The Wall Street Journal in the article about Shanghai World Expo ("Shanghai Aims to Attract the World "). "For those booking their own flights, a package from Great Wall Adventures includes hotels, airport transfers, Expo tickets, guide and private car and driver; three days and two nights, $1,398 for two." (March 18, 2010).

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