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Xi'an Tour Must-sees

Try Xi'an Dumpling Dinner

Xi'an, located in the central China, is only 2 hours by air from Expo City of Shanghai and from Capital City of Beijing.

International tourists should seriously consider flying from Beijing or Shanghai to visit the Terra Cotta Warriors.

Express tours by overnight train and bullet train from Beijing to Xian are available only with Great Wall Adventure Club. Please check Express Tour pages for details.

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Xi’an Museum

Xi’an Museum:

Housed in the pleasant grounds of the Jianfu temple is this newly built museum featuring relics unearthed in Xi’an over the years. There are some exquisite ceramics from the Han dynasty, as well as figurines, an exhibition of Ming-dynasty seals and jade artifacts. In the central axis, there are the White-Clothing Pavilion, the Small .......more

Little Goose Pagoda

Little Goose Pagoda:

Also on the grounds of the Jianfu Temple, the top of the pagoda was shaken off by an earthquake in the middle of the 16th century, but the rest of the 43m-high structure is still intact. Jianfu Temple was originally built in 684 AD to bless the afterlife of the late Emperor Gaozong. The pagoda, a rather delicate building of 15 progressively smaller tiers, was built from 707 to .......more

Tang Dynasty Show:

The most famous dinner theater in the city stages a glamorous spectacle with extravagant costumes, traditional dance, music and singing. The Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show, a wonderful performance of the ancient music and dance, is a must when you visit Xian. The city, which was formerly known as Chang'an has a very long history .......more

Forest of Stelae Museum

Forest of Stelae Museum:

Housed in Xi’an’s Confucius Temple, this museum holds over 1000 stone steale (inscribed tablets), including the nine Confucian classics and some exemplary calligraphy. The second gallery holds a Nestorian table (781 A.D.), the earliest recorded account of Christianity in China (the Nestorians professed that Christ was both human and divine, for which they were booted out of .......more

Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum

Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum:

Qin Shi Huangdi (259 BC - 210 BC), the first emperor of China, ascended the throne at the age of 13, when construction of his tomb began. On completion of his many conquests, he ordered 720,000 conscript laborers to hurry up on building his royal tomb. It was finished just-in-time in 210 BC for his use. His son, the second Qin Emperor .......more

Famen Temple

Famen Temple:

Famen Temple, renowned for storing the veritable Finger Bone of the Sakyamuni Buddha, is located in Fufeng County of Shaanxi Province, 120km east of Xian and 96km west of Baoji. With a history of 1,700 years, Famen Temple is considered the "Forerunner of the Ziggurat in Central Shaanxi." The Famen Temple Cultural Scenic Area .......more

The Huaqing Springs

The Huaqing Springs:

Situated at the northern foot of Li Mountain approximately 19 miles (30 km) from Xian City, Huaqing Hot Spring is famed for both its beautiful spring scenery and the love story of Emperor Xuanzong (685-762) and his mistress Yang Guifei, which originates from the Tang Dynasty. Huaqing Hot Spring is considered one .......more

Banpo Neolithic Museum

Banpo Neolithic Museum:

The Banpo Neolithic Village Museum, located to the east of Xi’an City, displays the remains of a 6,000 year-old village once home to a matriarchal clan community. Discovered accidentally in 1953, the museum was set up in 1958 to be known in China as the first museum built around a historical site. The village was renovated for 3 years and recently reopened .......more

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