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Zhengzhou City Tour Package

Tour Code & Duration Activities Involved
3 days 2 nights
Henan Provincial Museum, Han Tomb of Dahuting, City Ruins of Shang Dynasty, Ruins of Dahe

City Transfer Service
BT0204 Zhengzhou Airport Pick-up Service. $77/person
BT0203 Zhengzhou Airport Drop-off Service.$77/person
BT0202 Zhengzhou Train Station Pick-up Service. $62/person
BT0201 Zhengzhou Train Station Drop-off Service.$62/person

Tour Code & Duration
Non-private Bus Tour Attractions
BT0218 (One-day) Luoyang (Longmen Grottoes, Baima Temple). $92/person
BT0202 (One-day) Luoyang (Longmen Grottoes, Shaolin Temple).$100/person
BT0219 (One-day) Zhengzhou / Kaifeng (Temple of the Chief Minister, Iron Pagoda, Qingming Park, Longting Street).
BT0217 (One-day) Dengfeng (Shaolin Temple-Brush up on your iron-shirt Qing gong).$69/person
BT0201 (One-day) Yuntai Mountain. $85/person
BT0200 (One-day) Qingming Riverside Landscape Garden.$69/person
BT0220 (One-day) Guoliangcun Village (Picturesque and most charming ancient village). $92/person
BT0199 (One-day) Zhengzhou city view( Henan Museum,Zhengdong New Area, Art Center, Huayuankou,Airport terminal, Ash Forest Aircraft landing station, Lotus Garden Yellow Emperor).$69/person

Zhengzhou, capital of Henan Province, has a venerated history of over 3,000 years. The Beijing-Guangzhou and Lanzhou-Lianyungang railways cross their ways in Zhengzhou, turning it into a major railway hub.

Major attractions: ruins of a Shang-dynasty city, Henan Museum, Yellow River Tourist Zone, and Monument to February 7 Workers' Uprising. Dengfeng, a city under Zhengzhou's jurisdiction, is known for Mount Songshan, a holy mountain in central China, and Shaolin Temple. Mount Songshan comprises Taishi and Shaoshi mountains, and among its sites of historical and cultural interest are a Yuan-dynasty observatory built some 700 years ago, China's oldest brick pagoda in Songyue Temple, and the Songyang Academy, one of the four major academies in ancient China. Built in 495 during the Northern Wei as the ancestral sanctuary of the Ch'an Sect of Chinese Buddhism, Shaolin Temple on the northern side of Shaoshi Mountain has made a name for itself for its martial arts, stone inscriptions of various dynasties, and Ming-dynasty murals.

To the west of the temple is a forest of 243 brick-and-masonry pagodas built during 1 1,000-year span from the Tang to Qing dynasties. Gongyi, a city 80 km west of Zhengzhou, is the site of a mausoleum buried with the remains of 7 of the 9 Northern-Song emperors. Xinzheng, a city 40km south of Zhengzhou, was the native place of the Yellow Emperor.

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