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Qinhuangdao and China City Package
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Green Tour at Nandaihe 

Visit Nandaihe's eco park where you'll see the longest gourd listed by Guinness World Record, the world's largest pumpkins, visit the ecological lab and
taste eco food.



Qinhuangdao (Beidaihe & Nandaihe) Tour Packages
- Where the Great Wall Starts

Tour Code & Duration Tours Involved

Beijing-Beidaihe 2-day Tour
: Simply relax and enjoy the sea wind and sunshine at Beidaihe beach resort and take sea cruise to see the sunrise from sea. Go to detailed itinerary.

Beijing-Shanhaiguan 2-day Tour
: Hike the eastern-most point of Great Wall and play and unwind at the beach-side resort town of Beidaihe. Experience China's most advance bullet train to travel to Qinhuangdao from Beijing. Go to detailed itinerary.

Beijing-Shanhaiguan-Beidaihe 3-day Tour
: Tour the eastern-most point of Great Wall, enjoy first-class bird watching in their natural habitat, and play and unwind at the beach-side resort town of Beidaihe.  Go to detailed itinerary.

Beijing-Beidaihe 3-day Beach Tour
: Tour Old Dragon's Head and "First Pass" of Great Wall, play and unwind at the beach-side resort town of Beidaihe.  Go to detailed itinerary.

 Qinhuangdao and Old Dragon's Head (Lao long tou)

If comparing the Great Wall to a dragon then Qinhuangdao is located at the head facing the sea. This wonderful summer resort is laurelled as the back garden of Beijing and Tianjin, boasting a beautiful coastline and perfect ecological environment. Old Dragon's Head (Laolongtou), the eastern-most starting point of the Great Wall is located at the beach of Qinghuangdao.

Qinhuangdao is a time-honored city named after the first emperor in Chinese History Qin Shi Huang who once made his east inspection tour to Qinhuangdao and sent people to the sea to looking for the immortals. It is also an important harbor city in North China with the Port of Qinhuangdao having more than a hundred years of history.

However, most people talk about it as a fascinating summer resort. Famous for the beautiful coast and attractions relevant to the Great Wall, Qinhuangdao is a hot tourist city laden with history and endowed with refreshing air. Tourist resources are paralleled in two concentrated lines. In the coastal region, there are Laolongtou, Shanhaiguan Pass and several theme parks. While most spots related to the Great wall scatters around the hilly area in central and northern Qinhuangdao, such as the Longevity Hill, Jiaoshan Hill (Hornberg Hill) and Yansai Lake. The first-class summer resort Beidaihe is also one of the four finest bird watching resorts in the world.


Located 15 kilometers southwest of Qinhuangdao city and 300 kilometers east of Beijing, Beidaihe is a seaside resort area on the Bohai Gulf. During the 19th century, the craggy coastline and beaches attracted Europeans living in nearby Tianjin , who built villas and bungalows there, transforming the fishing village into a pleasant seaside getaway.

With its soft, fine sand, gentle waves, and translucent waters, Beidaihe is now a very famous scenic spot and summer resort known for its mild climate and beautiful landscapes, and an ideal summer resort for swimming and sun bathing. Rising about 400 meters above sea level is the beautiful east and west Lianfeng Mountain located by the seashore. Lush pine and cypresses, secluded paths and winding bridges add to the area's beauty.

As an alluring coastal village with a small-town ambience, Beidaihe provides a welcome break from city life. Its charm lies mostly in its animated inhabitants, bustling night stalls and, of course, its seaside views. Offering long stretches of pebbled sands to small coves, it is a haven for travelers away from the city.

The Beidaihe Beach Resort stretches 10 kilometers east to west from the Yinjiao Pavilion to the mouth of the Daihe. There are plans in Changli, southwest of Beidaihe, to convert a local bathing beach into another resort. This naturally pristine beach is expected to attract millions of visitors from all over the world every summer.

The environment around Beidaihe is also very beautiful. Lianfeng Mountain, which backs onto the beach, boasts two peaks covered by abundant green pines and cypresses. Lush vegetation, exotic caves, decorated pavilions, secluded pathways and winding bridges cover the mountain, making it both unique and appealing. Looking down from Wanghaiting (Seaside Pavilion) at the top of the hill is the misty sea in all its carefree majesty. Beidaihe is also one of China's nine famous spots for catching the sunrise . The Yinjiao Pavilion, located on the northwest beach of Beidaihe, is the best place to watch the sunrise.

At the eastern base of Lianfeng Mountain is a park called Lianhuashi (Lotus Stone), which was named after several huge rocks standing upright to form a lotus flower. The park also houses the quiet Guanyin Temple in the north, which was beautifully restored in 1979, and the splendid Zhujia grave in the east.

As a place for vendors, speedboats and school outings, the Tiger Rocks are praised as the middle beach's most famed attraction. This rock formation is composed of several huge rocks protruding from the sea like crouching tigers. Standing on one of these rocks, one is fascinated by the beating waves beneath and the vast sea in the distance.

The Yinjiao Stone in the east is one of the most popular attractions in Beidaihe. It is a separate rock with the unique shape of an eagle perched on it. Since groups of wild doves once lived in the rock caves there, it is also known as the "Dove Nest". From the Yinjiao Pavilion peak, visitors can enjoy the powerful ocean.


Connected to Beidahe by a bridge over a river, Nandaihe is the newly developed tourist and recuperation resort under Funing County of Qinhuangdao City, Hebei Province.

With its "basic elements for seaside tourism" -- the sea, beach, sunshine and greenery -- Nandaihe is an ideal venue for taking a dip in the sea and sunbathing. The region is also honored as "the First Bathing Venue Under the Heaven".

Located in the north temperate belt, Nandaihe is characteristic of a marine climate, which means it is neither too wet nor dry. All four seasons are very distinct, although the winter days are never severely cold nor the summer days intensely hot. The average temperatures throughout the year remain at 10 degrees Celsius, with the highest reaching 35 degrees Celisus in the summer for no more than a week. Average temperatures in July and August, which are known as the country's warmest months, are fixed at around 23 degrees Celsius. While midsummer in most places in China is extremely hot, Nandaihe, however, is an exception: With its gentle-blowing breezes, its climate is very beneficial to human health.

Beginning at the estuary of the Daihe River in the east and ending in the west, the Nandaihe coast extends 17.5 km, with its sandy beaches covering a width of 100-250 meters. Its sands are broad and level, taking on a golden hue -- hence its name, Golden Sands. Every summer, water flows from the estuaries of the Daihe and Laohe rivers, which is in fact derived from the mountains or springs above. The seawater is, therefore, very clean. It is said that rolling around on the beach after a bath in the sea can help dispense of fatigue within one minute.

The Nandaihe coast is a brand-new garden for tourism, vacationing and entertainment -- just like a forest park. Here, each building has a style of its own, consisting buildings of various styles and genres from home and abroad.

The mornings, with their soothing sea breezes and gentle waves, are best spent collecting seashells or catching crabs along the seashore; alternately, one can also take a stroll in the forest. Afternoons are perfect for swimming in the sea and sunbathing. In the evenings, one can lie on the warm beach to absorb the tranquility around them.

Go Green! - Visit North China's famous eco park in Nandaihe

In Nandaihe, we'll take you to one of China's famous eco park where you can see how green food is planted and eat the green food grown from this park. This is also a show place of China's ecological technology in agriculture. You will see the world's biggest pumpkins and the longest gourd recorded by Genies.  You will also visit north China's agricultural and farmer's museum. You will also have fun with the recreation center where you can try a zip-line and other games.

Try them out! 100% eco food that is healthy and nutritious!

The best time to visit Nandaihe is between June and October.



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