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Mount Emei in Sichuan


Mount Emei    

Mt. Emei in Sichuan Province in Southwest China is one of the most well-known summer destinations in China thanks to its pleasant weather, congenial atmosphere, the inspiring natural scenery and the influence of the Buddhist culture. The mountain is characterized by lofty ancient trees, impressive waterfalls, pristine brooks and numerous Buddhist temples.

Mt. Emei is noted for considerable weather difference between various spots on the mountain. A 14 centigrade degree difference in temperature has been reported between the foot of mountain and its peak. It's not uncommon for it to be blistering at the foot of the mountain and cool and pleasant higher up the mountain. The average temperature during July and August, the hottest period in China, is around 11.8 degree centigrade.

Mt. Emei is a natural "Oxygen Bar", where the average Negative Oxygen Ions in one cubic meter reach 0.1 million to 1 million which is 500-1000 times more than that in its city cousins. Scientists have confirmed that adequate negative oxygen ions (10.000 or above in one cubic meter air) in air can motivate the metabolization of the human body to repel exhaustion, improve sleep, and prolong life.

Mt. Emei is a sacred Buddhist haven. It is one of the four most divine Buddhism Mountains in China. This Buddhist legacy mainly contained in the numerous temples and the buildings bears witness to the unusual historical role of the mountain in Buddhism development since the religion was introduced to China over 2,000 years ago. The mountain enjoys great popularity among Buddhists in China. Every morning streams of Buddhism pilgrims armed with joss sticks conquer the steep stairs of the mountain and swarm into the countless temples.

Mt. Emei not only provides physical space to travelers but affords a personal exposure to the intimacy of nature and China's Buddhism culture. A gnarled ancient tree, a winding stream, waterfall and a Buddhist temple will be a reminder of the resiliency of nature and pristine civilization.

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