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Great Wall Shanhaiguan Hike and Beidaihe
Beach Tour

Experience China's fastest bullet train

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Visit Nandaihe's eco park where you'll see the longest gourd listed by Guinness World Record, visit the ecological lab and taste eco food.

Qinhuangdao Tour Package
Beijing-Beidaihe Beach Tour


* Travel to Qinhuangdao, a beautiful seaport a hour away east of Beijing with China's fastest bullet train ride.
* Hike Jiaoshan Great Wall, the Great Wall's first peak, and ascend Shanhaiguan, the "First Pass Under Heaven", one of the best-preserved passes of the Great Wall. Explore the Great Wall from its eastern-most point at Laolongtou (Old Dragon�s Head)
* Take some time to play and unwind at the beach-side resort town of Beidaihe, which is home to northern China�s most picturesque and splendid beach and coastline. You�ll also get to watch the sunrise over the beach and take a boat ride from the beach�s pier. Make sure to bring your swimsuit!


 (B=breakfast, L=lunch)

Detailed itinerary:

Day 1 Beijing-Qinhuangdao (L)

In the morning you will be picked up from your hotel by your English speaking travel guide. Form your hotel we will drive to Beijing Train Station, where you will take the bullet train D1 (7:20am-9:19am) to Qinhuangdao. Qinhuangdao is an aged city with a long and rich history. It has a story in its name. In 215 BC, the first emperor of China, Emperor Qin went eastward. When he got here, he sent someone to go to the sea and search for immortals. Then the city got its name "Qinhuangdao", in which "huang" means emperor and "dao" refers to island. And thus it became the only city named after the title of an emperor.

It has abundant tourist resources including a section of the Great Wall, as well as beaches. The most important costal attractions are distributed along the sea. Among them, there are the ideal summer resort-Beidaihe and Shanhaiguan Pass, which is regarded as the "first pass of the world".

Upon arrival at the train station you�ll be met by your guide, and you will then be given a chance to freshen up. Afterwards, we�ll head to the to the Great Wall at Shanhaiguan. Known as the �First pass under heaven�, Shanhaiguan is considered the most important pass of the Great Wall. Built during the Ming Dynasty around 700 years ago, the pass city used to be an important defense against intrusions by the nomadic people from the north. The city was sandwiched by the Yanshan Mountains in the north and the Bohai Sea in the south, hence the name of Shanhaiguan meaning "Pass between Mountains and Sea' in Chinese. To the south of the ancient city is Laolongtou or Old Dragon's Head, and to the north is the Jiaoshan Great Wall.

After your hike we�ll take a respite for a Chinese lunch, and then we�ll make our way to the Great Wall at Laolongtou (Old Dragon�s Head), which is the easternmost end of the Great Wall. Laolongtou extends 23 meters into the sea, much like a dragon drinking water, hence its name. This part of the Great Wall was first constructed in the 7th year of Wanli reign in the Ming dynasty (1579) and was largely repaired in the 7th year of Kangxi�s reign in the Qing dynasty (1668).

Following your time at Laolongtou, you will be taken to your beachside hotel at Beidaihe, which is probably northern China�s best beach. The long coastlines with soft sands and clear seawater have made it a perfect destination for sunbathing and swimming. esides that, Beidaihe is also popular for its seafood cuisine and local snacks. You will have the rest of the day to explore the beach and its surroundings.

Day 2 Beidaihe (B, L)

We will start our day early by heading out before sunrise to the Yangjiao Pavilion, which sits atop the rock at Dove Nest Park. From here we will watch the magnificent sunrise over the beach and ocean waves.

Following breakfast, we will head to the pier to catch a 40-minute sea cruise. It�s a double body ship, so the ride will be steady and smooth. Afterwards we�ll head to Tiger Rock Park. It has many huge rocks looking like a herd of tigers. Standing on any of the rocks gives you a deep enjoyment of the beauties of nature. The sea breeze pushing against your face, the waves beating the rocks and the vast sea will make you feel refreshed and energetic. This is a good spot for photography.

After our visit to Tiger Rock Park we�ll head on over to the Olympic Avenue Park. Qinhuangdao served as one of the football venues during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. The park has a an Olympic atmosphere, with the granite carvings forming three themes - the ancient Olympics, modern Olympics, and the China Olympics.

Following lunch you will be taken back to your hotel, where the rest of the day can be spent further exploring Beidaihe�s wonderful beaches.

Day 3 Qinhuangdao-Beijing (B, L)

Following breakfast at the hotel, we�ll head to the Jiaoshan Great Wall to the east of Shanhaiguan. It is named after Jiaoshan Mountain, which is the highest peak to the north of Shanhaiguan Pass and also the first mountain the Great Wall climbs up after Shanhaiguan Pass. Therefore Jiaoshan Mountain is noted as "The first mountain of the Great Wall". This section of the Great Wall was built during the reign of Emperor Hongwu (1328-1398) of the Ming Dynasty, and it extends about 1500 meters. You will have the ticket to take the chairlift to the top, after which you will then hike down the Great Wall.

After your visit we�ll have a Chinese lunch, and following lunch you�ll be taken to the local train station. You will take the D28 train (3:10pm-5:10pm) back to Beijing. You will be met at the Beijing Train Station by your guide and taken back to your hotel in the city, ending your day�s tour.


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