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Business Research Tours, Company Tours
to Famous Enterprises Based in Beijing

Baidu World Headquarters, Beijing

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Beijing & Shanghai Corporate Tours

Visit famous Chinese companies, multi-national corporations
or joint-ventures or universities in Beijing and Shanghai



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Since its reform and opening-up in the mid 1970's, China has developed into one of the world's most powerful and sophisticated economies. With its innovative and daring business strategies, much of the world has endeavored to study what has made this once sleeping giant mighty again. With our new Corporate Tours, you can get your own inside look into China's thriving businesses, and the knowledge and contacts you gain from the experience can be invaluable to your own corporate aspirations.

The Corporate Tour is designed to give you an up-close-and-personal look at China's most successful enterprises. A Corporate Tour includes a personal tour of a company's headquarters, and along with sit-downs and Q&A's, you'll also get to network with key personnel. We offer a wide range of different business enterprises and multi-nationals for you to choose from, with industries ranging from manufacturing, technology, insurance, transportation, education, and social media. In addition to Corporate Tours, we also provide Educational Tours to China's leading think tanks and universities. Here you will interact with leading educators and luminaries that will impart to you their expertise on China's newest schools of thought on business and politics.

A Corporate or Educational Tour is perfect for small or large groups, and the tour can easily be combined with sightseeing of Beijing's most popular sights, like the Forbidden City or the Great Wall. The following is a sample of the companies and universities available to visit on a Corporate Tour. Please contact us or a complete list of businesses and universities available to visit. Plus, we'll arrange a seminar introducing the fact of China economy in the eyes of Americans and United States' trade policies toward China.

Sample Companies:

Microsoft China, Badidu.com, Shanghai Bao Steel Corp., Shangahi Volkswagen, Shanghai Ganghua Hospital of Plastic Surgeron, iResearch Group Beijing, Coca-Cola Shanghai, Shanghai Nestle Water Co.

Universities available:

Beijing University, Tsinghua University, China University of Media and Broadcasting, Jiaotong University, etc.

Embassies and Consulates:

United States Embassy Commercial Section (Beijing), United States Consulate General Commercial Service (Shanghai)
Canada Embassy (Beijing)

How to Get Started:

For a group visit, please send us a brief inquiry to let us know the details about the purpose of your visit. Please provide:

*Name of your organization
*Structure of your group
*Businesses you are interested in visiting
*Date of visits

After we receive your inquiry, we'll work with you in order develop a formal proposal. Upon your approval, we'll expect to receive a small deposit to allow our staff to contact the Chinese corporation(s). We'll then send you the contact information of the companies who will accept you.

For individuals, please let us know how you want the company tour to be combined with your city sightseeing via Email.


1. Professional English-speaking local guide;
2. Professional driver;
3. Private air-conditioned car, van or coach bus for transportation;
4. Hotel booking.


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At the Great Wall Adventure Club, we only use quality vehicles and certified professional drivers for your safety!

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