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 China Domestic Flight Fares

Sample cheap fares for flights out of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou

Flights out of Beijing

Fights out of Shanghai

Flights out of Guangzhou

Great Wall Adventure Club has great deals with major Chinese domestic airlines to help you get cheap domestic flight ticket between major Chinese cities below. Fly with Adventure Club, you always get discount prices on flight reservation and receive the E-ticket at the airport. So no paper ticket is needed for boarding and you can buy Chinese domestic tickets in advance with your credit card. The following are our lowest fare samples. Please go to our Chinese ticket information page to submit your request for flight tickets within China. All Chinese airlines are using Boeing or Airbus airplanes.
City Price City Price City Price
Shanghai RMB230 Beijing RMB450 Beijing RMB880
Shenzhen RMB600 Qingdao RMB480 Shanghai RMB540
Anqing RMB330 Dunhuang RMB310 Harbin RMB490
Anshan RMB420 foshan RMB600 Hefei RMB295
Baotou RMB310 Fuyang RMB120 Hengyang RMB360
Beihai RMB330 Fuzhou RMB800 Hetian RMB420
Bengbu RMB420 Ganzhou RMB520 Hohhot RMB310
Changchun RMB310 Geermu RMB490 Huangshan RMB330
Changsha RMB330 Guangzhou RMB295 Jiamusi RMB420
Changzhou RMB420 Guilin RMB360 Jilin RMB420
Chengde RMB310 Guiyang RMB420 Jinan RMB310
Chengdu RMB330 Haikou RMB310 Jingdezhen RMB330
Chifeng RMB420 Hailaer RMB330 Jinjiang RMB420
Chongqing RMB310 Hami RMB420 Jinzhou RMB120
Dali RMB600 Hangzhou RMB120 Jiujiang RMB800
Dalian RMB120 Hanzhong RMB800 Jiuzhaigou RMB310
Karamay RMB800 Kunshan RMB310 Luoyang RMB600
Kashi RMB310 Lanzhou RMB600 Lushan RMB120
Kunming RMB600 Lhasa RMB120 Manzhouli RMB800
Nanjing RMB120 Lianyungang RMB800 Nanchong RMB490
Nanning RMB800 Lijiang RMB490 Nanchang RMB120
Ningbo RMB310 Quanzhou RMB120 Shaoxing RMB800
Qinhuangdao RMB600 Sanya RMB800 Shenyang RMB310
Qiqihaer RMB120 Shantou RMB310 Shijiazhuang RMB600
Suzhou RMB800 Ulanhot RMB600 Wenzhou RMB120
Taiyuan RMB490 Urumqi RMB120 Wuhan RMB800
Tianjin RMB295 Weifang RMB800 Wuhu RMB490
Tongren RMB360 Weihai RMB490 Wuxi RMB600
Xuzhou RMB490 Xiangfan RMB120 Yangzhou RMB120
Wuyishan (Nanping) RMB295 Xining RMB800 Yantai RMB800
Wuzhou RMB360 Xishuang Banna RMB310 Yichang RMB520
Xiamen RMB490 Yan'an RMB600 Yiwu RMB490
Xi'an RMB120 Yancheng RMB120 Zhangjiajie RMB360
Zhanjiang RMB800 Zhengzhou RMB800 Zhenjiang RMB490
Zhoushan RMB460 Zhuhai RMB490 Zunyi RMB295

China Flight Tips:

Confirmation: If you have reserved a seat to continue your flight in China, or for a return journey on an international or regional flight, you should reconfirm its reservation at least 72 hours before departure if you'll stop over at the boarding place for longer than 72 hours. Or else the seat shall be automatically cancelled. No confirmation is necessary if you stop over at the place for your continued flight or return flight for less than 72 hours.

Ticket Validity: The validity period of normal fare tickets, whether for single or round trips, is one year. The validity periods of special fare tickets and discount normal fare tickets are calculated on the basis of related fares in accordance with relevant stipulations.

Airport Fee: A 90-yuan airport fee shall be collected from passengers departing from any international airports in the People's Republic of China. Passengers holding diplomatic passports, transit passengers who stop over for less than 24 hours, and children under the age of 12, are exempt from the airport fee.

Free Luggage Allowance by Weight: The free luggage allowance by weight for every passenger holding a ticket with full fare or half fare for an international or regional flight is 40 kg for a first-class ticket, 30kg for a business class ticket, and 20kg for an economy class ticket. No free luggage allowance is granted to babies who pay 10 percent of the adult fare. Fore more details please contact the individual airlines.

Carry-on Baggage: 2 pieces for a passenger holding a first-class ticket; and 1 piece for a passenger with a business or an economy-class ticket. The dimensions for each piece of luggage allowed should not exceed 20×40×55cm, and the maximum weight shall not exceed 5kg. You'll have to pay if you bring more luggage aboard than is allowed in terms of piece or weight.  Fore more details please contact the individual airlines.

China Domestic Flight Tickets Reservation Service from Multiple Chinese Airlines

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